The Water plant in Yele 2019: time for an upgrade!

This is John Turay. He is responsible for the supply of clean drinking water to the town of Yele. For the past six years he has been purifying around 60,000 litres of water per day from the river in big tanks. He sends it up into the water tower in the village, from where it finds its way to the various water taps in the village, serving around 1000 households. Uniquely in Sierra Leone, this water plant is operated independently.

The water treatment plant is still highly dependent on donor funding, imported chemicals and the charity of Sierra Leone Now, since the government is not yet prepared to step in and take over. That is why we are finding partners and working towards a way to make this water plant sustainable and self-sufficient.

The Water Plant in Yele
The Water Plant in Yele

After that, we will start looking for other water treatment plants that can be upgraded just like Yele. Clean drinking water for all!

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