PowerNed will grow in 2019!

PowerNed, the hydro power station that is supported by Sierra Leone Now, has been running on only one of two turbines since 2013. This is very stressful as any serious technical issue could put PowerNed out of business and only half of the potential of the station is reached. Despite this vulnerability the hydro station is still operational, and the amazing local team keeps its finger on the pulse.

A new chapter is about to begin! The picture above shows how last year the broken turbine shaft was removed and taken for repairs by Salini; and thanks to Ames and many other Dutch sponsors PowerNed received the necessary support from Sierra Leone Now to continue its operations.

Continuing operations was a requirement for Energy4Impact, an NGO that supports developments of power plants, to bring electricity in Yele to the next level.

PowerNed Hydro electricity station at night
PowerNed Hydro electricity station at night

The coming months will be exciting for us, and for our star team in Yele, as Energy4Impact decides on whether and how to further support PowerNed and the energy supply of the local population!

‘Fun’ fact: Large scale supply of Electricity in Sierra Leone is limited to the larger cities. The people of Yele are the only beneficiaries of a private electricity supply in Sierra Leone, all due to the efforts of PowerNed, SierraLeoneNow and an amazing team of volunteers and employees.

Curious how you can support PowerNed? Contact us here

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