In memoriam: Co Ruighaver

After a short and brave struggle in the hospital, Co Ruighaver has passed away on November, 25th 2020. Our thoughts and condolences go out to Charles, Arco and Kate, whom he left behind.

Sierra Leone Now and Stichting Support Lion Heart Foundation are immensely grateful for his continuous technical support and sponsoring, and fondly remember three visits he made to our projects in Yele.

PowerNed’s team cherishes the memory of his advice and coaching. For Donald Keus he was a coach and a friend that was ready for advice and action on all things technical.

We miss him sorely and look back with gratitude to his involvement with the PowerNed Hydro and electrical installations, the drinkwater treatment plant, and the construction of Lion Heart Medical Center in Yele.

As we mourn his passing, he will continue to be missed both in the Netherlands and in Sierra Leone.

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