SDA School

Education is a major concern in Sierra Leone nowadays, the more
so because it represents the welfare of future generations. The
Seventh Day Adventist school in Yele caters for around 1000
secondary school students, not only from Yele, but from the entire
chiefdom of Gbonkolenken (of which Yele is the capital town).

A very important part of our goal to ensure that the young Sierra
Leonans get proper education. We have been fortunate to
cooperate with the SDA school in the past, and we will continue our
support. Some financial; but also in vital school material;
restauration of the building after the civil war; electricity; furniture
and more.

Among other running projects, we have developed a really cool
program where you can either ‘adopt’ the school fee for one of the
students, or raise money for extracurricular activities such as field
days or sports.

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