Radio Gbonkolenken

Not radio gaga, but radio Gbonkolenken in Yele. This awesome local radio station is running entirely on its own but could use some technical support and some income through advertorials. We try to have their backs in these fields, given their importance in the chiefdom.

Not only was it an important form of communication during the period of quarantine following the outbreak of Ebola in 2014; it is used to broadcast important messages regarding health, safety, and regional and national news; and it is a platform for local artists and deejays to perform and advertise events in Yele and the surrounding villages and towns.

Sierra Leone Now! supports the Radio station in material and financial ways. During Ebola the radio station was exempted from electricity fees, and in November 2017, it received a new radio transmitter to ensure they can continue to send their sweet sounds across the chiefdom. Stay tuned!

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