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Sierra Leone NOW! was founded on july 2nd of 2009 by Don Keus and Hanneke and Ria Kievit from Deil. Ever since april 2008 the sisters and their parents are involved with projects in Sierra Leone. Father Hans Kievit meets Don and is captivated by his stories. Don is making things happen in name of the Lion Heart Foundation and asks Hans if he wants in. Full of energy the Kievit family makes plans for a big fundraiser with the motto: Keus embraces Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone Now! is a product of this event.

The board consists of the following members:

Donald Keus (1951) from Geldermalsen – chairman
As luitenant-colonel of the Dutch Marine-corps Donald was expedited to Kabul and in 1992 he was stationed in Angola as an observer for the United Nations. In this capacity he has already been in frequent contact with NGO’s. Upon his retirement he became active in Lion Heart Foundation, first as Hospital Manager in Magbenteh Community Hospital and later as Country Director. In these functions he was involved in the establishment of several projects in Sierra Leone.

Caspar Swinkels (1988) from Deurne – Board Member
Caspar Swinkels is a graduate of International Development Studies at Wageningen University and Research. During his internship and thesis in 2016, he spent eight months in Yele with PowerNed to support the management and administration of the project. Since then, he has been involved in Sierra Leone Now and PowerNed.

Doenan Mager (1981) Secretary

Doenan Mager is an engineer for Solico Engineering B.V., one of our sponsors. In 2007 while on the africalive.nl expedition, Doenan visited Sierra Leone and the projects in Makeni and Yele. He stayed in touch, assisting in various projects such as a fundraising festival in Sierra Leone and a bridge/dam design for Yele. Since 2016 he is a boardmember of Sierra Leone Now!

Steven Visser Treasurer

Steven Visser, graduated in Business Administration (Master Accountancy and controlling), is managing director of Ceratec Technical Ceramics. After his graduation, he spent 7 months in Yele, training the local accountants, teaching medical students and assisting the management. He is a board member since 2016.

Dick van Zuijlen (1958) from Leiderdorp – Board member

Graduate Dutch civil law at Leiden University, currently a teacher in a bilingual secondary school. He has visited Sierra Leone in 2007. He supports SLN in Development of legal agreements, management and technical support, among other things. He is a board member since 2016.

Founders and former Board members:

The board would like to thank founders and former boardmembers Hanneke and Ria Kievit for their tireless efforts. Without you, all of this wouldn’t have been possible.

You can find our policy plan (Beleidsplan 2021) here

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